Activities and Services


Our main activities can be summarized in the following services:


Determination of loaded/discharged weight

- Draft Survey

- Barge Gauging


Marine Surveys

- Inspection of cargo holds

- Inspection of water tightness of hatches on sea vessels (Ultrasonic Leak Detection)

- Supervision of loading/discharging sea vessels, barges, containers, etc.

- Sampling 

- Sealing / Unsealing of cargo holds, containers, etc.

- Bunker survey

- On hire / Off hire survey

- Measurements and sampling of liquid cargoes on board of tankers etc.


Additional services

- Detailed inspection reports

- Certificates

- All other additionally required paperworks from our  client



In case you have any other activities in the same scope of work that needs to be taken care of, however not mentioned above, feel free to contact us to see if we are able to assist you.