About Polaris Marine Inspections B.V.

Polaris Marine Inspections B.V.(PMI) is an independent marine surveying company, with a variety of specialisations in surveys and inspections.

PMI B.V. has been founded on 1st of January 2015. Although active since the year 2015 we can ensure that some of our employees have over 30 years of experience and other team members are trained internaly and gained experience throughout the years to perform and carry out our activities within PMI at a high quality level required by our principals. In a short period of time PMI B.V. has developed itself to an independent marine surveying company operating in the ARA-range.

-    We offer our services mainly in the Ports of Terneuzen, Flushing, Rotterdam, Gent and Antwerp.
      However we are also able to offer our services abroad, we use if possible/necessary our own surveyors.

-    Offering a professional and tailor-made service to our clients with high quality,
      that’s what we stand for as PMI B.V.

-     In the ‘shipping business’ that requires a flexible attitude and 24 hrs/365 days a year availibility.

The company is a privately owned company – not stocklisted.